Fluoride Usage

The mainstream view is that fluoride usage via toothpaste and water is critical in preventing tooth decay. The opposition claims one or more of the following:

  • Fluoride can lower IQ
  • Fluoride can halt thyroid production
  • Fluoride displaces calcium and weakens bones
  • Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland
  • Fluoride can lead to melatonin disruption
  • Fluoride can lead to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Fluoride can lead to cancer

— naturalnews.com/032129_fluoridation_intelligence.html

Fluoride is the name given to a group of compounds that are composed of the naturally occurring element fluorine and one or more other elements. Fluorides are present naturally in water and soil at varying levels.

In the 1940s, scientists discovered that people who lived where drinking water supplies had naturally occurring fluoride levels of approximately 1 part fluoride per million parts water or greater (>1.0 ppm) had fewer dental caries (cavities) than people who lived where fluoride levels in drinking water were lower. Many more recent studies have supported this finding.

It was subsequently found that fluoride can prevent and even reverse tooth decay by inhibiting bacteria that produce acid in the mouth and by enhancing remineralization, the process through which tooth enamel is “rebuilt” after it begins to decay.

In addition to building up in teeth, ingested fluoride accumulates in bones.

Water fluoridation is the process of adding fluoride to the water supply so the level reaches approximately 0.7 ppm, or 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water; this is the optimal level for preventing tooth decay.

— cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/myths/fluoridated-water-fact-sheet

In addition to the direct detrimental health affects touted by the opposition, some believe that fluoride’s purported calcifying of the pineal gland leads to spiritual deadness and a lack of enlightenment.

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