What exactly qualifies someone as an expert?

Under this model, only medical doctors (MDs and DOs) and those with a PhD in the sciences are considered experts on any particular issue. Chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, and oriental medicine doctors are excluded. However, those who have a medical degree but practice medicine more like a naturopath or oriental medicine doctor are included. Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO would fall into this category.

In order to have a consensus, there must be greater than 90% of experts that agree on something under every system of choosing experts, whether it is all medical doctors and all those with a PhD in the sciences, or only medical doctors in a particular specialty, or only those with a PhD in a particular subject, or only medical doctors who also have a PhD. If under any of these breakdowns, there does not exist a greater than 90% agreement, then there is no consensus according to this model of medicine. The same rules apply for establishing a strong consensus.

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